A drive to keep boy racers out of Norwich has intensified after anti-social drivers went on a 150-vehicle rampage around the outskirts of the city.

Police had declared war on nuisance drivers by planning a boy racer ban for the city centre, but it appears they are already finding new places to meet and cause a disturbance.

Last weekend about 150 cars met to race around Long Stratton, Harleston, Diss, Costessey, Hellesdon, Bowthorpe and Sprowston, where police issued warnings for doughnuts, speeding and anti-social driving.

Those living in the area reported seeing cones being put out on public roads for racing and loud revving engines.

It follows a large spate of incidents last month which have seen people's homes shaking to the beat of loud subwoofers and 43 traffic offence reports (TORs) issued by cops in one night at a car meet of about 300 cars and 500 people.

Norwich Evening News:

Bowthorpe Labour county councillor Mike Sands said he believed it was a minority behaving in an irresponsible way who were ruining it for the rest and said he felt they needed to find a way to carry out their hobby away from the streets.

He said: "This whole issue is contentious, we've seen what's happened on Britannia Road with the PSPO and that seems to have sorted everything.

Norwich Evening News:

"The key thing for these people is most of them just want to show off their cars and don't want to cause a nuisance.

"We should be trying to get them to organise a track day or to hire out a space such as an airfield where they can spread the noise away from people's houses and form a proper club.

"A few years back we had loads on the Roys car park here and we had some complaints so I went down and spoke to them.

"They were too happy to turn it down and I spent an hour or so with them having a look at their cars and chatting."

Mr Sands believes the anti-social meets could be turned into social events supported by the public with some tweaking.

He added: "I think people would be behind them if they did this properly.

"It's a few who engage in juvenile behaviour who let the rest down.

"I think the PSPO works for certain areas but it shouldn't be overbearing.

"I read somewhere that they are a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, but they are a necessity in somewhere like Britannia Road."

Hellesdon Conservative Broadland district councillor, Shelagh Gurney agreed with Mr Sands that while the bans were needed in some areas they did not come without difficulties.

Norwich Evening News:

She said she had not heard reports from last weekend but was aware of issues with boy racers in the area.

Ms Gurney said: "There are discussions at Broadland council about a PSPO, city want to do it, but there's a problem with defining road areas.

"A lot of Norwich roads such as the ring road near the Boundary fall half in Broadland and half in the city, so I'm not sure whether an order would cover half the road or all of it."

Plans to ban boy racers from the city have seen Norwich folk asked for their opinions on giving police extra powers to fine those driving in an anti-social manner.

Signage will also be placed at known hotspots of vehicle nuisance.

Labour county councillor Beth Jones, cabinet member for community safety, who proposed the measures, said: “Vehicle nuisance has become a growing issue for the city, and we have worked closely with partners to address and monitor the situation."

Norwich Evening News:

It comes after police closed the Britannia Road car park in Thorpe Hamlet following complaints from neighbours over loud exhausts and speeding.