Norwich boy racers who have been causing "nightmarish" problems for city folk have struck again at a third location.

People living close to Sprowston Retail Park have reported anti-social drivers drifting, playing loud music and revving their engines at about 11pm at night.

It comes after those living near Magdalen Street's flyover car park said they could feel their homes vibrating due to music being played through large subwoofers and the Britannia Road car park in Mousehold Heath was closed due to numerous incidents.

Those living in Sprowston say the troublemakers started meeting on nearby supermarket car parks and then moved to the retail park after security was tightened.

Norwich Evening News:

Chloe Marrison, who lives nearby, said: "Boy racers have taken over the retail park and also coming out of the car park 11pm at night drifting sideways down the roads in backfiring cars with loud music."

Conservative Norfolk county councillor for Sprowston East, John Ward, said issues had stopped at the retail park after barriers were put up, but it seems the boy racers have since returned.

Norwich Evening News:

He said: "There's been a fair bit of it but it had stopped when they put barriers up.

"It is a nuisance for residents especially after they were meeting at Mousehold.

"They seem to move around although I'm not sure it's the same group.

"Hopefully the retail park can do something."

Previously those living in Britannia Road said one of the city's "nicest spots" was being "damaged by road hooligans ruining it for everyone else".

Norwich Evening News:

It comes after Norwich City Council appears to have declared war on boy racers across the city as it plans to introduce a public space protection order (PSPO) to give police powers to fine nuisance drivers.

However, city car enthusiasts have called for a space of their own claiming they are "not all boy racers".