A city mechanic and car enthusiast shared his frustration with being labelled a public nuisance.

Joe Bygrave, 22, of Norwich, said car enthusiasts in Norwich are wishing to shed their bad reputation and are calling for a dedicated space to enjoy their hobby without disturbing people.

"We are not boy racers, not all of us," he said. "We are, for the most part, friendly, helpful and genuine people - we don't want to irritate anybody."

Mr Bygrave is among many in the local car enthusiast community who are speaking out about the need for dedicated spaces to be provided in and around the city limits so that motoring hobbyists may meet and socialise without disturbing anyone. 

"We have nowhere provided for us to enjoy our hobbies. We don't mean to upset anyone but there is no place for us to go where we won't be bothering people."

Norwich Evening News: Joe Bygrave and some of his friends help move a car off the road. Credit: AF PhotographyJoe Bygrave and some of his friends help move a car off the road. Credit: AF Photography (Image: AF Photography)

Mr Bygrave gave the example of skateboarders, who drew complaints from the public for causing disturbance until dedicated skate parks were provided for them to go to.  

"There are public skate parks, places to sit, places to read, places to eat or walk.

"Whatever you want to do, there is a place for it - but where can we go?"

Mr Bygrave was keen to iterate that the few unruly drivers who deliberately cause a lot of noise are the exception.

"We are vehicle technicians and HGV drivers, we are shop assistants and groundskeepers, and we are just like everyone else," he said.

"We are socialising, seeing our friends, showing off our cars, and meeting new people.

"Our cars are our escape from reality."

A Norwich City Council spokesperson said: "We are currently consulting on plans to address concerns about anti-social behaviour associated with large congregations of vehicles and invite residents to comment on our proposals and make any suggestions."