Boy racers with large speakers, revving their engines and doing donuts in a city centre car park have been causing "nightmarish" problems for people living nearby.

Anti-social behaviour from car enthusiasts in the St Saviour's Lane car park, off Magdalen Street, comes just weeks after the Britannia Road car park near Mousehold Heath was closed by police due to nuisance drivers.

Those living near the Magdalen Street flyover say something must be done to stop boy racers meeting in the middle of the night and "intimidating" them.

Norwich Evening News:

One woman, who did not wish to be named, said she could hear the cars and their speakers through her walls.

She said: "They've got those massive subwoofers and I can feel my house vibrating when they're playing music at top volume.

"They spread across the entire car park, we've even had them doing donuts and nothing has been done.

Norwich Evening News:

"You can't get to sleep some nights because of the row they make.

"They do my nut in, they're an absolute nuisance."

Another man living in the area shared those concerns saying anti-social drivers had not responded to approaches from people living opposite.

He said: "We've tried to talk to them before, but they can be quite confrontational.

Norwich Evening News:

"It's time something was done to stop them once and for all.

"Because it's a big car park I've even seen them racing around there."

Green Party city councillor for Mancroft ward, Jamie Osborn, called for permanent action to stop the pests such as the public space protection order (PSPO) consultation being carried out by the city council.

Norwich Evening News:

He said: "The anti-social behaviour and nuisance from excessively noisy cars has been causing hell for residents and there needs to be a solution for it. 

"As a local councillor, I have been speaking to the police who are trying to deal with the problem but need more permanent measures to prevent this antisocial behaviour."

Norwich Evening News: