'Should be ticking along soon': City Hall clock stops AGAIN

The City Hall clock has stopped working ... again

The City Hall clock has stopped working ... again - Credit: Archant

Monday mornings might be considered a drag - but for some city commuters it appeared that time had stopped altogether. 

And that's because Norwich City Hall's clock has stopped working yet again. 

One confused person got in touch with the Evening News, pointing out the clock was stuck on noon throughout Monday morning.

They got in touch as part of this paper's We'll Sort It campaign which aims to fix folk's problems across the city.  

So the Evening News got on to the council, with a spokeswoman saying: "The clock is unfortunately having another down day and is awaiting a new part to get those hands turning once more.

"Things should be ticking along again very soon!" 

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Got a problem we might be able to help with? Get in touch with the Evening News. - Credit: Archant

Works were carried out to repair worn-out gears in the clock mechanism in May but the clock has stopped multiple times since.

Rising over the city at 206 ft tall, the clock tower is a symbol of Norwich with many people noticing the recent faults with the clock.

City Hall and its clock tower date back to 1938.