What a clock up! Market trader caught short by wrong time

Norwich City Hall's clock caught out traders after it stopped working over the weekend

Norwich City Hall's clock caught out traders after it stopped working over the weekend - Credit: Archant

Market traders and city folk are ticking along nicely now their much-loved City Hall clock is fixed. 

Norwich City Council called contractors out on Tuesday after the clock stopped working over the weekend.

It began showing the wrong time after it had restarted itself leading to confusion across the city. 

Despite living in an age of mobile phones, one trader told the Evening News how the time on the clock had caught him out. 

Paul Westgate, whose OSG stall directly faces the clock tower, said: "I am out here every day and can normally judge the time by the light. 

Paul Westgate on his One Step Gaming (OSG) stall

Paul Westgate on his One Step Gaming (OSG) stall - Credit: Ben Hardy

"But I got caught out when the clock was not working. I knew the public toilets closed at 5pm so I was keeping an eye out for the time so I did not miss the chance to go to the loo.

"It caught me out by about an hour." 

Despite this minor inconvenience, Mr Westgate said the clock is a good talking point with traders and adds character to the area.

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"I think the clock is great. I tell lots of people about City Hall," the trader continued.

"There are plenty of towns and cities where the clocks never work. They can't spend silly money on it and I am not one for making it internet controlled." 

Further along from the OSG stall is Andy Worman, who sells handmade leather goods and second hand books. 

Andy Worman on Stall 18 at Norwich Market

Andy Worman on Stall 18 at Norwich Market - Credit: Ben Hardy

Mr Worman also appreciates the clock and believes the mechanics are more prone to error when the weather is frosty. 

"I do look at the clock quite regularly and noticed it had stopped working on Saturday," Mr Worman said.

"It took me about 20 minutes to realise mind!" 

The clock was back to normal on Tuesday afternoon after the city council was contacted earlier in the day by the Evening News

It came just six months after works were carried out to repair worn-out gears in the clock mechanism in May. 

Seagulls fighting for chips on Norwich Market
Byline: Sonya Duncan

A gull prepares to divebomb against the backdrop of City Hall Byline: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

In 2017, the clock was stopped for three months to allow for repairs.

It was also stopped for 12 days between May 30 and June 6 in 2019.

City Hall and its clock tower date back to 1938.

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