'Back up and running': City Hall clock is fixed!

The City Hall clock is back up and running after it stopped working on Monday

The City Hall clock is back up and running after it stopped working on Monday - Credit: Brittany Woodman

Order has been restored - the City Hall clock is ticking away at the correct time again. 

Commuters turned to the Evening News yesterday as part of the We'll Sort It campaign, after the hands on the clock remained stuck on noon through the morning and early afternoon.

The campaign aims to fix folk's problems across the city. 

A quick call to the council confirmed the time piece was having "another down day". 

But as commuters left the office late on Monday afternoon they were no longer relying on their phones or sundials for the time.

After being asked whether a contractor was sent out for a quick fix, a spokeswoman for the city council said: "I haven't heard the details but the clock is back up and running." 

The clock tower stands 206ft high from ground level to the tip of the lighting conductor - almost one fifth as high as The Shard in London.

Norwich City Hall clock. Pictures: Brittany Woodman

The City Hall clock stopped working on Monday, November 15 - Credit: Brittany Woodman

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