'What on earth!' - City folk baffled by obstacle cone stuck in pavement

A traffic cone has been concreted into the pavement in All Saints Green 

A traffic cone has been concreted into the pavement in All Saints Green - Credit: Archant

It's a favourite gag of the tipsy uni student - taking a traffic cone home after a boozy night out. 

But a cone concreted into a city centre pavement in Norwich is no laughing matter for those having to dodge around it. 

Mystery surrounds how the cone has been fixed into a post office manhole cover in All Saints Green. 

The Evening News was contacted about the problem as part of our 'We'll Sort It' campaign, which aims to resolve issues for folk across the city.

Colin Watts, 68, whose son lives in the street, first spotted the bizarre sight on Friday afternoon. 

The cone was first spotted in Norwich on Friday afternoon 

The cone was first spotted in Norwich on Friday afternoon - Credit: Ben Hardy

"My first thought was 'what on earth is a cone doing upside down in the pavement?', Mr Watts said.

"I saw someone having to skip around it as they nearly tripped over it.

"I would not be surprised if it sunk some of the pavement slabs around it. They have made a right mess of it." 

Not a sight you see every day 

Not a sight you see every day in Norwich - Credit: Ben Hardy

Fencing has been put up opposite the cone to store some of the materials being used for the roadworks nearby in St Stephen's Street. 

Giles Hayward-Smith, barista and manager of the Strangers Coffee branch at All Saints Green, said: "They have not even put a fence around the cone. It's laughable. 

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"There always seems to be lorries coming and going at the moment for the council work." 

Sally Clarke, 55, walks along the street every day on her way to work and described it as a hazard for pedestrians.

She said: "It's definitely an obstacle as cars use this road as a drop-off point in the morning. It is not a great situation if people are being forced to walk into the road.

"It's also not ideal for those who are blind or disabled.

"The pavement has been brittle for a while. It's very strange."  

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said it was the county council's responsibility to remove the cone from the pavement.

An upright traffic cone was placed next to the cemented cone by Monday lunchtime after the council was alerted to the obstacle. 

A county council spokeswoman said: “We are aware and Openreach have been informed that this needs to be made safe.”