Work to maintain a copse of trees which reportedly pose a threat to passers-by has begun.

Brenda Ward, 63, raised concerns about a strip of acacia trees along Ruskin Road which bear long-hanging branches with thorns measuring up to two to three-inches long.

Fearing that the trees were "deadly" and could cause serious injury, she also claimed the trees have caused cracks in her home and dried out her garden.

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Norfolk County Council, whose responsibility it is to maintain trees on public thoroughfares, stated earlier this month that the trees would be pruned once bird nesting season was over at the end of August.

And on Thursday, August 25, workmen arrived with a cherry picker and shredding equipment to cut protruding branches back and strip the trees of fragile, dead wood from one of the trees.

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"I asked if they were going to finish off the job and the workman said he would," Brenda explained.

"I also asked if they would be back because I'm concerned about the one right outside my house.

"They're still really bad, even the workmen admitted there is a lot of dead wood on there.

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"There's some relief though now that work has started. I couldn't believe it when I saw that cherry picker roll up."

Brenda, who was a full-time carer for her 94-year-old dad before he passed away two weeks ago, said her father would have loved to have seen the trees maintained - as they had been causing trouble for 14 years.

She added: "All he wanted was the trees done and unfortunately he passed away before the work was done.

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"Before he died I told him they were being done - I think he'll know and be pleased something's being done.

"I hope they don't get into this state again.

"Even the workmen were saying that they're totally out of control and disgusting.

"I've had enough of it."

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A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: "The work has now begun on the four acacia trees on Ruskin Road.

"Due to the amount of work required, it was not possible to complete the job on one day and our crews will return to finish the work."