Furious woman fears 'deadly overhanging trees could kill someone'

Brenda Ward with one of the three acacia trees in Ruskin Road, which is overhanging her home

Brenda Ward with one of the three acacia trees in Ruskin Road, which is overhanging her home - Credit: Denise Bradley

A city woman has demanded action over a row of "deadly" trees outside her home, which she says are damaging her home and posing a threat to the public.

Brenda Ward, of Ruskin Road near Eaton Park, wants the council to carry out work to radically prune back the large acacias near her property, which she says are "out of control".

The 63-year-old, who is a full-time live-in carer for her 94-year-old father Charles, says she fears for the safety of her family as well as passers by.

The large acacia trees in Ruskin Road.

The large acacia trees in Ruskin Road overhang the pavement, causing a dangerous obstruction to passers by - Credit: Denise Bradley

She claims the trees have caused cracks in her home and dried out her garden, while the long, sharp thorns are presenting a hazard to those who walk near them.

"There's a lot of elderly people around my way as well as young mothers with children," she explained.

"The trees are hanging over with big, sharp, deadly thorns. They're swaying and you have to duck to stop them smacking you in the face as you walk past."

Ms Ward says the trees have been an ongoing issue for the best part of 14 years.

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There are three offending trees she is concerned about - the first overhangs her property, another stands on the opposite side of the road and the third is where Ruskin Road bends.

She said the nearest was "encroaching on the property".

The large thorns on the acacia trees in Ruskin Road.

Brenda says the acacia trees' large thorns "could kill someone" - Credit: Denise Bradley

"This is the last thing we need," she said.

"The roots have cracked walls in the house and have taken all the moisture out of the garden.

"It's got a load of dead wood on it. If we have a storm the wood will fall and kill someone - it absolutely will.

"I'm sick and tired of it. Something needs to be done.

"The trees are out of control. They're deadly.

Brenda Ward in Ruskin Road by the three acacia trees behind her, one of which is overhanging her hou

Brenda Ward of Ruskin Road if "furious" that nothing has been done to maintain the troublesome acacia trees - Credit: Denise Bradley

"I spoke to a workman from the council who said they couldn't do anything to the tree until it touched my dad's bedroom window. But that's what it's doing now.

"It feels like a losing battle.

"It's ridiculous. It's blocking out all the sunlight. I'm absolutely furious.

"They're an absolute hazard. I'm sick and tired.

"They should be pruned right back.

The large thorns on the acacia trees in Ruskin Road.

The large thorns on the acacia trees in Ruskin Road - which Brenda fears will cause serious injury - Credit: Denise Bradley

"There will be an accident."

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: "We look into all reports of dangerous or overgrown vegetation which the council is responsible for.

"We were unaware of this specific incident, and we will inspect the tree and carry out any necessary work once the bird nesting season has finished."

To report issues to the county council, visit norfolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/roads/report-a-problem.