Police have warned yobs they are taking a bizarre social media craze seriously after city homes were attacked with BEANS.

The trend - made popular on social media platform TikTok and called 'beaning' - sees baked beans lobbed at homes. And the a recent attack has left city folk furious.

People living in the Dussindale area reported beans smeared outside homes and on car windscreens last Friday night.

And 'beaning' has also been reported in Laundry Lane in Thorpe St Andrew.

Ian Mackie, who represents Dussindale and Thorpe St Andrew for Norfolk County Council, believes the parents should be fined for their children's behaviour.

He said: "It's just idiotic behaviour, distressing for people and totally unacceptable.

"Overall we continue to live in a very safe community however there have been incidents of anti-social behaviour."

Mr Mackie said he will be working closely with local beat officers to investigate what more can be done to "nip the behaviour in the bud".

It comes after those living in the Manor Park estate of Sprowston had corn on the cobs launched at their homes.

And the 'beaning' concept has been compared to egging which has recently occurred in the Pilling Park and Morse Road area of Thorpe Hamlet.

Increased foot patrols from police have begun over the last week in response to the egg-throwing yobs who targeted pensioners' homes.

Speaking after the recent spate of anti-social behaviour, inspector Michael Austin said: "We are working with families and locals to identify who is causing these issues.

"We have deployed a number of resources and we suspect some are of a school age."

The police have been communicating with local schools to make them aware of the problem.

'Beaning' has been reported in other parts of the country with police community support officers urging shop owners to be mindful of youths buying large quantities of baked beans.

Norwich Evening News: Baked beans in tomato sauce / Source: Mk2010 - Wikimedia CommonsBaked beans in tomato sauce / Source: Mk2010 - Wikimedia Commons (Image: Archant)

Natasha Harpley, district councillor for Sprowston, described the recent 'beaning' trend as "bizarre" and believes the tins should be donated to foodbanks instead.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said: "Any incidents such as this can be reported to police on 101."