Is it Jarrold, or Jarrolds? That is the question that many shoppers do not know the answer to when it comes to one of the city's prominent department stores.

But those standing outside the London Street shop may notice some inconsistencies with the name which appears on the signage.

Look at the main entrance to the store and you will see 'Jarrold' directly above the entrance - only for 'Jarrolds' to be carved into the stone higher up.

A spokeswoman for the shop has confirmed the correct title is Jarrold.

But she admitted many people still refer to the store as Jarrolds in conversation.

Norwich Evening News: The signs say both Jarrold and Jarrolds at the department store in NorwichThe signs say both Jarrold and Jarrolds at the department store in Norwich (Image: Ben Hardy)

The company was called Jarrold & Sons by the mid-19th century as the third generation of the family started to take over the business.

But from the early 20th century the retail business began to be referred to as Jarrolds when there were major developments within the store.

This was at a time when there was a greater focus on publicity material and signage, when Jarrolds began to appear.

The Jarrold spokeswoman said: "Shops were commonly referred to as belonging to the owners so, in Norwich, you also had Curls, Bonds, Chamberlins, Buntings and further afield Harrods and Selfridges – to name but a few.

"The company of Jarrold & Sons Ltd - which remains the legal name - has always had other interests beyond retailing and, in the 1970s, it was decided to bring them together under one brand style and call all of the divisions Jarrold.

"So any signage, bags, publications and advertising produced after that time refers to Jarrold, while some of the historic signage on the London Street department store remains to reflect our historic store façade and heritage.

"So Jarrold it is!"

The question of Jarrold or Jarrolds has caused some confusion among city folk.

Steve Johnson, 56, who was shopping in the city centre on Friday afternoon, said: "I've never known whether to call it Jarrold or Jarrolds."

Norwich Evening News: Karen and Steve Johnson outside Jarrold in London StreetKaren and Steve Johnson outside Jarrold in London Street (Image: Cerys Baker)

His wife Karen Johnson, 55, added: "I've never noticed to tell you the truth.

"It's confusing."

Another shopper, Ummi Junid, said: "I didn't realise before but it does cause a bit of confusion."

Norwich Evening News: Ummi Junid is pictured on the left with her friend Anita NasirUmmi Junid is pictured on the left with her friend Anita Nasir (Image: Cerys Baker)

Additional reporting by Cerys Baker.