The owner of one of Norwich's best-known but controversial restaurants has provided the inspiration for a new table-top game.

Called 'Orlando: Rebel Without a Restaurant' players can follow Orlando Williams, the Earlham Road local's footsteps, and launch their own food venue.

With just some dice and a pen, players will battle it out to become the one true restaurateur by earning mountains of money or be a hero of the city.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's restaurant, in Earlham RoadOrlando's restaurant, in Earlham Road (Image: Newsquest)

However if a player becomes the ultimate enemy of the state, they lose.

The role-playing game (RPG) was created by a couple who run a popular city food review account on social media, who wished to keep their anonymity.

They said: "Orlando is the bread and butter of this city.

"We've been following his story through this paper and get so excited each time we see an update, seeing that same picture of his smug little face.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando Williams, owner of Orlando's restaurantOrlando Williams, owner of Orlando's restaurant (Image: Newsquest)

"What makes him intriguing is that we don't know much about him.

"He's a bit of a hero of ours so we like to think this is a little homage to him - for someone who doesn't play by the rules."

Norwich Evening News: The game is called Orlando: Rebel Without a RestaurantThe game is called Orlando: Rebel Without a Restaurant (Image: Submitted)


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The game was released on September 28 and is a free download from the reviewer's Instagram page.

It comes after Orlando was immortalised in August this year by a city artist.

Norwich Evening News: Some of the Orlando's game's instructionsSome of the Orlando's game's instructions (Image: Submitted)

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The reviewer added: "It's a hilarious game.

"We wanted it to be really simple and funny - something anyone can get to grips with.

Norwich Evening News: The restaurant was ordered to close down by Norwich City Council in July 2023The restaurant was ordered to close down by Norwich City Council in July 2023 (Image: Newsquest)

"With our platform, so many people contact us about Orlando's, so we thought we'd make something fun for them."

The ongoing saga between the restaurant and Norwich City Council could soon be at an end, after Mr Williams was ordered to cease trading by October 10.