A controversial city restaurant which denies being one has expanded its delivery options to the anger of its neighbours.

Orlando's, based at a domestic home on Earlham Road, has been at the centre of a dispute over whether it is being run as a restaurant for a number of years with diners being seen entering the house and delivery mopeds turning up at night.

The latest twist saw it expand to Uber Eats and Deliveroo under the name A&K Sakura delivering food after 5pm, prompting another investigation from Norwich City Council and a food hygiene investigation for the bed and breakfast which is run legally.

Now, owner Orlando Williams appears to have expanded his offering serving an array of different cuisines under two different names Orlando's Indian and A&K Sakura from 1pm onwards, with neighbours reporting a "swarm" of mopeds in the street.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's in Earlham RoadOrlando's in Earlham Road (Image: Newsquest)

It comes after this newspaper treated newly selected city council leader, Mike Stonard, to an Orlando's curry last week.

Mr Williams' neighbour, Becky Greengrass, said she was "lost for words" at his latest stunt.

Norwich Evening News: A&K Sakura on Deliveroo, which is operating out of Orlando'sA&K Sakura on Deliveroo, which is operating out of Orlando's (Image: Deliveroo)

She said: "I'm not surprised anymore, with Orlando anything is possible.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's boss Orlando WilliamsOrlando's boss Orlando Williams (Image: Newsquest)

"I've run out of things to say about him to be honest. My daughter bumped into a friend the other day who was going to collect an order and they had no idea it wasn't a legitimate restaurant.

"We've got mopeds going up and down the road like I don't know what and still the council do nothing, they're not interested.

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's is delivered to City Hall by Uber EatsOrlando's is delivered to City Hall by Uber Eats (Image: Newsquest)

"I've never once seen an inspector turn up at that house, how much more obvious can this get."

Norwich Evening News: Orlando's Indian is on Uber EatsOrlando's Indian is on Uber Eats (Image: Uber Eats)

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Dishes offered by Mr Williams now expand to fried chicken, Indian, Japanese hot dishes and sushi as well as a selection of desserts and drinks accompanying the 'Chef Williams specials' he has become known for.

A spokesman for Norwich City Council confirmed the investigation into Orlando's is ongoing and said it would be in touch with the restaurant's owner.

He said: "We are actively investigating the property’s use and will be in direct contact with Mr Williams once that investigation is complete."

When previously contacted for comment by this newspaper, Mr Williams has continuously described suggestions he is running a restaurant as "crazy".

He said: "I don't know what they are talking about, I haven't got a clue why the moped was outside, maybe it was delivering to someone.

"There is no restaurant here."