Folk living in the constituency of a Green Party city councillor who smashed the window of a bank during a protest have responded with a mixed reaction.

Amanda Fox, who represents Mancroft ward, was found guilty earlier this week of causing criminal damage - with a geological hammer - to a Norwich branch of Barclays in 2021.

The damage was caused during an Extinction Rebellion demonstration against the bank's investment in fossil fuels.

Since then Cllr Fox has faced calls to resign from Mike Stonard, Labour leader of Norwich City Council, who said the incident had brought the authority into disrepute.

But on the streets of her city centre constituency, Ms Fox received a mixed reaction from the public.

One of her voters, Mike Forman, who lives in Duke Street, said he still backed the councillor.

Norwich Evening News: The pair protesting at Barclays bank in NorwichThe pair protesting at Barclays bank in Norwich (Image: Newsquest)

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He said: "I think it's absolutely right what she's done, it's an important cause and I'd still vote for her again."

But his views were not backed by everyone in the street, with neighbour Josh Freeman saying he did not want the councillor to represent him.

Mr Freeman said: "I feel like they should probably make this clearer because it's a crime.

"I didn't vote for her and certainly wouldn't now."

A woman living in Muspole Street, who did not wish to be named, said she was shocked by the incident.

She said: "Vandalism is vandalism, you can't go around doing that regardless of how you feel.

"I don't support her and I didn't vote for her, but I like the other Green councillors, they're pretty caring."

Of those spoken to by this newspaper, it was a 50/50 split between those who supported Cllr Fox and those who did not.

Norwich Evening News: Police attending the incident at Barclays bankPolice attending the incident at Barclays bank (Image: Newsquest)

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Robert Smyte, who was walking in Coslany Square, said he had voted for the councillor before but did not support her actions.

He said: "It's a tough one, I like her and I've voted for her, but it's not really what you want elected officials doing.

"Barclays aren't helping themselves, but the people who work at the bank are just trying to get by and I doubt the decision makers will even find out it's happened.

"There's lots of good protest going on at the moment, but this is a waste of effort and just being a bit of a nuisance.

"I think I'd still vote for her, but if she kept doing it I'd probably switch to someone else."

Ms Fox was elected as a city councillor for the first time in May, holding a seat to maintain the Greens' control of all three seats in Mancroft.

Another man who did not wish to be named, living in Oak Street, thought the incident was "ridiculous".

He said: "If they were 14-year-olds with hoodies on instead of councillors I doubt they'd get off as lightly.

"It just seems like there are no politicians left who are any good, politically I don't disagree with her necessarily but leave this sort of thing to activists rather than paid councillors."