Mysabar is BACK! City's cosy outdoor bar returns for another Christmas

One of the tents which will be used at the Mysabar winter beer garden, pictured at a different event.

One of the tents which will be used at the Mysabar winter beer garden, pictured at a different event. - Credit: Lucy J Toms Photography 

Mysabar has confirmed it is returning to the city centre next month for a 12-week run. 

The bar will reopen in mid-October beneath the twinkling lights of Norwich Castle.  

The venue ran successfully in the Lower Castle Gardens for a three-month period over the summer, finishing in early September.  

Mysabar will reopen in Norwich in mid-October. 

Mysabar will reopen in Norwich in mid-October. - Credit: Neil Tweedle

The general idea offered last winter - great food and drink in a warm and cosy environment - remains the same. 

But some things have changed, as although the team are staying at the same site they want to make the most of the panoramic views in the upper garden as Christmas approaches.  

The centrepiece of the event will always be the food and drink and this is not set to change.

Great food and drink will still be at the heart of Mysabar - Credit: Neil Tweedle

The bar was founded by Rumsey Wells landlords Dan Searle and Katie Herring, alongside Seth Maclot and Chris Howard of Lunar Stretch Tents.

Seth said: “The idea is we want to keep things fresh and evolving with the seasons and working with local designers Smoke and Wild Wood allows us to be really creative with design." 

The bar sits within the wider Mysagarden, which the venue rebranded with this summer.

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Chris added: “The space has been totally redesigned to keep things fresh and huge amounts of work have gone into ‘weatherproofing’ the site where possible.  

Dogs are welcome at Norwich's Mysabar.

Dogs are welcome at Norwich's Mysabar. - Credit: Neil Tweedle

"The tents have been reconfigured, new floors have been laid and we have plenty of heaters to keep things cosy."

The team confirmed they will once again be bringing on a range of craft beers from across the country, rotated on a weekly basis, alongside a carefully curated wine list and some incredibly exciting new local food vendors.  

“We have worked really hard on trying to bring some of the best food to the experience we can from local traders and restaurants.  

"We love the idea of being a launch pad for new food ideas for Norwich and so we will be doing as much of that as possible,” added Dan.  

Christmas bookings will be available via  

Mysabar will continue to operate a table-service system and bookings will be available online in two-hour sittings for tables of two, four, and six, or multiples of.

Large bookings are also welcome.  

For more information please visit: