'Essential work' will see hedgerow removal for water pipeline

Anglian Water has plans for a new portable water main to follow the southern side of the NDR

Anglian Water has plans for a new portable water main to follow the southern side of the NDR. Sprowston mayor John Ward is pictured inset - Credit: Archant

Plans have been put forward to install a portable water main on the edge of Norwich to help fight climate change and supply new homes.

Anglian Water intends to fit in the water pipeline to follow the southern side of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR).

The water company has submitted a planning application to Broadland District Council for the removal of approximately six metres of hedgerow along Wroxham Road in Sprowston.

And Anglian Water hopes to have the new pipeline installed by December 2022. 

Anglian Water and Central Beds Council have agreed a proposed timescale for further work to mitigate

Anglian Water intends to install a water pipeline following the southern side of the Norwich Northern Distributor Road (NDR).  - Credit: Archant

A spokeswoman for the company said: "This will ensure we can keep taps flowing and toilets flushing as the area grows.

"It will also strengthen local resilience to the impact of climate change by reducing the number of homes and businesses which rely on a single water source.

"The East of England faces a number of connected threats to our water supply, namely climate change, the risk of drought, and high levels of population growth.

"We’re carrying out a large programme of works and investing in our region to help address these challenges and keep our water supply resilient.”

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Once the section of pipe is installed along Wroxham Road, Anglian Water has pledged to replace the hedgerow with a richer species mix in accordance with removal conditions.

Anglian Water state this will enhance local biodiversity. 

The plans come as gasworks along Salhouse Road have caused disruption to businesses and neighbours with parts of the road being closed to traffic in three phases.

Sprowston mayor and county councillor John Ward said: "There will probably be some disruption to the road traffic at some point but this will be kept to a minimum.

"This is essential work which must be done. The hedgerow appears to be a small section of hedge in the middle of a field so I do not think it will cause concern to anybody." 

Town councillor Bill Couzens added: "Obviously we have seen a very large increase in housing over the last decade and that means we need to meet the demands for fresh water." 

Bill Couzens, deputy chair of Sprowston Town Council. Picture: Bill Couzens

Sprowston town councillor Bill Couzens - Credit: Bill Couzens

Sprowston Town Council will discuss the plan at its next meeting on Wednesday, October 27.