Drivers face delays of 30 minutes in city centre


There is gridlocked traffic from Sprowston Road to Prince of Wales. Pictured: Whitefriars. - Credit: Casey Cooper-Fiske

The city centre was gridlocked this morning, with drivers seeing delays of up to half an hour.

Roads from Sprowston Road and Barrack Street through to Tombland and Prince of Wales Road experienced bumper-to-bumper traffic.

One driver said that a journey from Bull Close Road to Palace Street, which would normally take a few minutes, took more than 20 minutes.

Another driver who was commuting from Aylsham to the city for work said: "The traffic was awful and not ideal in this hot weather.


St Vedast Street in Norwich has been cordoned off by police following a stabbing - Credit: Grace Piercy

"It took me over half an hour to get from one side of Tombland to the other."

There are currently a number of ongoing roadworks in the city, including in the Riverside Road area and around St Stephens Road. 

The works are part of the Transport for Norwich plans to bolster accessibility and improve air quality.

 St Vedast Street near Rose Lane is also closed this morning due to a police cordon following a stabbing.

The road is taped off on both the Rose Lane and Prince of Wales end and police are interviewing staff from Travelodge