City Hall clock stops working AGAIN

Seagulls fighting for chips on Norwich Market
Byline: Sonya Duncan

The City Hall clock in Norwich - Credit: Sonya Duncan

People might have passed City Hall panicking they were late for work this week. 

But they need not fear - the clock towering over the market has just malfunctioned again. 

A spokeswoman for Norwich City Council said: "The clock appears to have stopped itself and then restarted again at some point. We have asked our contractor to come and set it to the correct time.

"We’re hoping it’ll be back in action very soon." 

It comes just six months after works were carried out to repair worn-out gears in the clock mechanism.

In 2017, the clock was stopped for three months to allow for repairs.

And the clock was stopped for 12 days between May 30 and June 6 in 2019 to allow for programmed repairs, including the cutting of a new gear.

City Hall and its clock tower date back to 1938.