Parents struggling to get premature baby home appeal to city MP for help

Jack Metcalf was born three months early in Turkey

Jack Metcalf was born three months early in Turkey - Credit: Supplied

A city couple whose baby was born three months early while on holiday in Turkey have turned to a Norwich MP for help. 

Emma Baxter, whose pregnancy was originally mistaken for cancer, and Daniel Metcalf's son Jack arrived prematurely at the start of a family holiday in Side, Turkey. 

Little Jack was rushed to intensive care and the family were separated from their 1kg baby.

They were then told the treatment will cost €1,000 per day. 

But after more than three weeks of waiting the family remain stuck 2,500 miles from home as they battle to get Jack an emergency travel document. 

Emma Baxter holding her baby Jack's hand

Emma Baxter holding her baby Jack's hand - Credit: Supplied

Doctors have said that Jack can fly back to the family's home in Mile Cross but only on a Capital Air Medi flight.

However that comes at an eye-watering £42,000.

Ms Baxter, who is also mum to daughters Milly, 10, and Lilly, 6, said the family are going in "unbelievably frustrating circles". 

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She said: "Jack is getting stronger which is the main thing but we simply need to get him home now and we're doing absolutely everything asked of us. 

"Our family, friends and my boss have all been amazing in trying to help but we are facing lots of barriers in terms of communication because various authorities have been asking us to fill out forms and send information we have previously sent.” 

Doctors have said told Jack can fly home to the UK but at a cost of £42,000. 

Doctors have said told Jack can fly home to the UK but at a cost of £42,000. - Credit: Supplied

Ms Baxter said they had contacted the British Embassy and had been communicating with Norwich North MP Chloe Smith to help put an end to their nightmare.

Ms Smith has been supporting the parents to help them obtain the official papers needed as soon as possible. 

The MP said: “I’m delighted that Emma and Daniel have welcomed baby Jack but was worried when they got in touch given the highly stressful circumstances. 

Chloe Smith, Conservative MP for Norwich North

Chloe Smith, Conservative MP for Norwich North - Credit: Richard Townshend Photography

"I have been helping by liaising with the British consular services in Turkey to support them getting the emergency travel documents that Jack needs.” 

Ms Smith’s office said that an MP cannot directly influence immigration or visa and passport decisions but that she can seek an update for a constituent and ask that a decision is made as soon as possible. 

A fundraising effort was set up and Emma and Daniel have been “blown away” by the support, though they still need to hit their target in order to meet all of the costs. 

A flight for Jack is lined up by the charity Lucy Air Ambulance for Children, who are donating £7,000 towards the cost but cannot fund the entire operation.