Fears Sweet Briar closure has created new rat-running route

Low Road, Hellesdon

Low Road, Hellesdon - Credit: Maya Derrick

Those living near the newly-reopened Sweet Briar Road are rejoicing now diversions are no longer funnel traffic down their tranquil streets.

But concerns have been raised that road users will continue to speed down the likes of Hellesdon's Low Road at rush hour now the route has been discovered.

Jason Burrage, managing director of Discreet Security - the company in charge of diverting heavy goods vehicles while Sweet Briar Road was closed - said drivers will continue to use the diversion.

"Now the main network has been restored drivers will likely take the shortcut they think that nobody knows about.

"The roads may see more larger vehicles going down with no one there to monitor it," he explained.

Jason Burrage, managing director of Discreet Security Limited

Jason Burrage, managing director of Discreet Security Limited - Credit: Contributed

With Sweet Briar Road being a major city link, traffic was taken on a long detour so as not to overwhelm or damage minor routes.

"I feel the plight of those who live down these smaller roads. It's now become a main road by default as people drive through," he added.

Shelagh Gurney (Cons) who represents Hellesdon North West on Broadland District Council, said: "Those who live in Low Road are incredibly relieved that they don't have the congestion, pollution and noise they had, as well as difficulties getting out of their driveways.

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"The whole debacle is behind us.

"I hope people will go back to using Sweet Briar Road as it's much wider and faster-moving route."

Shelagh Gurney

Shelagh Gurney, county councillor for Hellesdon - Credit: Norfolk County Council

Barbara Miller has lived in Low Road for 35 years.

The 84-year-old said: "Traffic's now not nearly as bad as it was.

"The tailback going toward the bridge was horrendous. But now we can sail straight through.

"You would never know that this is a 30mph limit, though. As soon as some see a long straight road, they put their foot down and can reach about 60mph.

An unnamed neighbour added: "There's been huge amounts of traffic coming past.

"There are dangerous bends and it's been impossible to get off my drive."

Seb Adams-Orme, also of Low Road, continued: "There have been a few accidents along Low Road and lots of people were driving fast once they'd cut through the traffic - and will continue to cut through I think - especially with other road works."