Landlords leaving pub after months of noise complaints

Managers Bradley Richards and Trina Lake in front of The Crown pub in Costessey.

Managers Bradley Richards and Trina Lake in front of The Crown pub in Costessey in early May 2021. - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

An engaged couple who manage a town pub are leaving the business after receiving noise complaints from neighbours.

Trina Lake, 42, and Bradley Richards, 33, from The Crown on Norwich Road, Costessey, took on the Stonegate Group-run pub nearly three years ago.

It is not known when the couple, who met at the pub as customers before taking it on, will leave and be replaced by new managers.

Miss Lake said: "It feels like a personal vendetta against us. No matter what we do we are going to get complaints."

She added over the last 18 months they have learnt about general noise complaints including from outdoor Bingo nights, quiz nights and music performances, all done within coronavirus restrictions.

The manager said no-one who made the complaints has spoken to the couple about the noise and they learnt about the concerns through visits from South Norfolk Council officers.

Miss Lake said they had the correct licences, had meetings with officials, brought forward closing times and made sure customers did not get too loud.

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But she added: "Everyone knows to respect us or they are out the door. Nine out of 10 times everyone is lovely. We feel there are so many things we are getting stopped from doing. We are not able to run the pub as we feel it should be."

The former painter and decorator added: "We are truly devastated. We have put blood, sweat and tears into the place. We are going to walk out with our heads held high knowing we did everything we could knowing it wasn't our fault."

Miss Lake and Mr Richards, who have four children between them, set up a cafe, sold fruit and vegetables and revamped the beer garden during lockdown to "keep their heads above water."

She added there was a deluge of support from the Costessey community after she broke the news on the pub's Facebook page.

The change means the couple may not be able to have their wedding reception there on August 21, which has already been postponed twice before because of coronavirus.

It is not known how many complaints were made to South Norfolk Council or by how many people.

The council and Stonegate Group was approached for comment but has not yet responded.