Speed camera rollout to tackle 'Tokyo Drift' boy racers

mousehold graffiti Fast & Furious

"Family" and "business" graffiti was sprayed onto Britannia Road on July 20, and was removed by Norwich City Council the next day. Neighbours believe it is a reference to Fast & Furious - Credit: Submitted

Speed cameras are set to be rolled out to stop a city street from being blighted by boy racers.

People living in the street, near HMP Norwich and Mousehold Heath, have said they are fed up with groups of young adults congregating at the car park after hours — "blasting their stereos, revving their cars and holding souped-up car races".

A man who works nearby said it turned into Norwich's Tokyo Drift most nights a week — a reference to The Fast and the Furious films, which feature illegal street car racing.

Skid marks on Britannia Road following car racing last week

Skid marks on Britannia Road following car racing last week - Credit: Submitted

On Tuesday evening, council bosses also announced a special order could be introduced which would mean people caught making the lives of families in Britannia Road a misery could be hit with fines.

Stephen Robinson presented a petition to councillors, signed by people who live in Britannia Road asking the council to introduce a public space protection order (PSPO) to address the anti-social behaviour.

Such orders would mean anyone found breaching it could be served with a fixed penalty notice and fines of up to £1,000.

Beth Jones, cabinet member for safer, stronger neighbourhoods’ said it was clear that pre-emptive measures have had little success.

Beth Jones, Labour city councillor. Pic: Labour Party.

Beth Jones, Labour city councillor. Pic: Labour Party. - Credit: Submitted

"I am particularly aware of the significant disturbance the problem of 'boy racers' cause the community on Britannia Road, the noise, fear of damage to vehicles, rubbish left and sometimes intimidation faced by residents to have sought to repeatedly challenge this.

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"It is utterly unacceptable that you should face this problem."

Ms Jones said the council has a role to play in tackling the issue and they will be pursuing a PSPO but said the community should be consulted first.

Labour leader of the council, Alan Waters, who represents Crome ward's Britannia Road, revealed the speed cameras have now been secured.

Mr Waters said: "As local ward councillors for Crome we’ve worked hard with residents and the Police to tackle the recurrent problem of “boy racers” speeding along Britannia Road.

Alan Waters, leader of Norwich City Council. Pic: Archant

Alan Waters, leader of Norwich City Council. Pic: Archant - Credit: Archant

"As a deterrent, we have secured SAM2 speed cameras from Norfolk County Council.

"We fully support the use of PSPOs to help tackle this persistent type of anti-social behaviour because this will improve the quality of life and safety for the community in the Britannia Road area”.

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