Neighbours sick of road turning into 'scene from Fast & Furious'

mousehold graffiti Fast & Furious

"Family" and "business" graffiti was sprayed onto Britannia Road on July 20, and was removed by Norwich City Council the next day. Neighbours believe it is a reference to Fast & Furious - Credit: Submitted

Police are working with a Norwich community to tackle antisocial behaviour as residents say their street becomes a scene from action film Fast & Furious "every other evening".

People living on Britannia Road next to HMP Norwich and Mousehold Heath say they are fed up with groups of young adults congregating at the car park after hours — "blasting their stereos, revving their cars and holding souped-up car races".

A man who works nearby said it turned into Norwich's Tokyo Drift most nights a week — a reference to the Fast and the Furious films, which feature illegal street car racing.

Skid marks on Britannia Road following car racing last week

Skid marks on Britannia Road following car racing last week - Credit: Submitted

Steve Robinson, who is setting up a residents group to deal with the issues, said sometimes up to 100 people gather on the street. 

He said: "The other night we heard two cars revving and then someone shouting "go". We also found "family" and "business" graffitied onto the road near the carpark — which is again a reference to the Fast & Furious franchise.

"It's extremely loud, and is becoming stressful for the parents who have young children."

Another woman, who didn't want to be named, said she felt "abused" in her own home.

A police car sits in Britannia Road car park opposite HMP Norwich after a body was discovered there on Wednesday

Britannia Road car park becomes home to groups of "boy racers" on an evening. Here, a police car sits in the carpark following the discovery of a body in Mousehold Heath last week - Credit: Sarah Burgess

She said: "The speed they go at down Britannia Road is ridiculous. Their cars are souped-up, and they change their exhausts to make these explosion sounds when they set off.

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"It's got so much worse since restrictions lifted."

Inspector Graham Dalton said the police are working with Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council to reduce antisocial behaviour in the area through patrols, speed reduction measures, the deployment of the Roads and Armed Policing Team and the allocation of a local officer to work with residents.

Inspector Graham Dalton. Photo: Lenore Everson/Norfolk Constabulary

Inspector Graham Dalton said police were actively working with residents to resolve issues of antisocial behaviour in the area - Credit: Lenore Everson

James Vero, however, has lived near Mousehold Heath for 35 years — and said he felt the problem was being exaggerated.

"Yes they play their music, and they do a bit of racing, but you can't really speed down Britannia Road for very long before you get to Gurney Road anyway.

"We were all young once.

"Besides, when you think about the fact a body was found there recently, and there was a rape not long before that, the presence of so many people makes me feel as though St James' Hill is a very safe place to be.

A body has been discovered at Mousehold Heath in Norwich, with a police cordon still in place two days later

A body was discovered at Mousehold Heath last week, with police confirming he had lain there for a considerable amount of time - Credit: Sarah Burgess

"Once the racers even helped me find my dog when she ran off. They're really not an intimidating bunch."

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