Council admits being behind bodged tarmac repairs

Norfolk County Council are planning on resurfacing all of the paths in the area in 2023 - 2024. 

Norfolk County Council is planning on resurfacing all of the paths in Hellesdon from next year - Credit: John Unsworth/ Shelagh Gurney

A mystery which has blighted neighbours in a sought-after suburb has finally been closed.

Those living in Neylond Crescent in Hellesdon have blasted work which saw tarmac slapped down on pavements making the paths uneven in some places.

And now the county council - which has admitted it was responsible for the works - has said it will resurface the whole area in a matter of years.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: “Following complaints about the condition of the footway in Neylond Crescent, Norfolk County Council’s highways department carried out inspections and identified a few areas where repairs were required.  

“Repairs have now been carried out to those areas. 

"While the fresh areas of tarmac are currently a considerably darker colour to the existing pathway, exposure and weathering will reduce the difference over the coming months."

John Unsworth who lives in Neylond Crescent has been complaining about the footpaths in the area for many years. 

John Unsworth who lives in Neylond Crescent has been complaining about the footpaths in the area for many years. - Credit: John Unsworth

He added: “In the longer term, Neylond Crescent will be covered by the forward footway surfacing programme for 2023/24, when a new surface will be laid across the whole existing footway along with maintenance and, where necessary, replacement of the kerbs in the cul-de-sac.” 

It came after neighbours launched a petition to get the lumpy tarmac sorted following reports of people falling over the tarmac or struggling to get wheelchairs over it.

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John Unsworth, 74, who is retired and lives in Neylond Crescent, said:  “A lady with a guide dog had a nasty fall because of it."

Shelagh Gurney (Cons), Hellesdon district councillor, said: “Neylond Crescent is on a list awaiting a total overhaul.  

“Remedial repairs on a considerable number of deficits have been carried out to make safe areas of concern however it will eventually be re-laid.  

“I fully support the renewal of as many pavements in Hellesdon that can be achieved but budget restraints make achieving this difficult.  

“I am always communicating neighbours' concerns to highways officers as soon as I am made aware of any issue, they in turn go out and visually inspect and prioritise the repair."

Anyone who thinks there is a defect with the work the council has carried out should contact the authority and the highways team will inspect the area.