Frustrated homeowners are calling for the much-anticipated redesign of a "dangerous" Norwich roundabout to slow traffic down on the surrounding roads.

Markings have appeared on the Heartsease roundabout and Norfolk County Council is expected to unveil its £4.4m revamp in the coming months.

Norwich Evening News: Cars on the Heartsease roundabout in NorwichCars on the Heartsease roundabout in Norwich (Image: Sophie Wyllie)

Folk living near the roundabout, which is joined by Plumstead Road, St Williams Way, Heartsease Lane and Harvey Lane, have raised concerns over motorists using the nearby roads "like a race track" with many wanting the redesign to encourage safer driving.

Transport worker Roy Gaught, 63, from Plumstead Road, said: "It is dangerous. You hear the toots from vehicles. Something needs to be done."

Norwich Evening News: Richard Rimmington, from St Williams Way in NorwichRichard Rimmington, from St Williams Way in Norwich (Image: Sophie Wyllie)

Richard Rimmington, 83, from St Williams Way, said: "As a motorist I don't like using the roundabout. Lanes on it would help.

"We have been asking for a crossing at St Williams Way near the roundabout for a long time.

"It would be better if the roundabout was enlarged but it would be difficult. We do need some kind of traffic calming. People reach 60mph on the roads near the roundabout."

His wife Jocelyn, also 83, said: "The best way to slow traffic down would be to put a speed bump before the roundabout. You need prevention. It is so busy around there. You cannot cross the road nearby - you play chicken with your life."

One man from Heartsease Lane also backed speed bumps because "drivers go crazy down Plumstead Road, especially the small bikes which are so loud".

Norwich Evening News: Jo Maddocks, from Heartsease Lane in NorwichJo Maddocks, from Heartsease Lane in Norwich (Image: Sophie Wyllie)

Jo Maddocks, from Heartsease Lane, who works for Norfolk Community Foundation, said: "You have to have your wits about you if you are driving on it or crossing on foot. People come off at speed. It does need attention."

Engineer Shane Keeble, 55, from Heartsease Lane, said: "Perhaps some traffic lights or speed cameras would help."

Norwich Evening News: Edward Girvan, 71, from Plumstead Road in NorwichEdward Girvan, 71, from Plumstead Road in Norwich (Image: Sophie Wyllie)

Edward Girvan, 71, from Plumstead Road, wanted yellow lines painted on the side of the road to prevent vehicles parking near the roundabout approach and blocking the view for him and others while pulling out their drives.

But Derek Hill, 80, from Plumstead Road, did not think anything could be done to improve the design and another woman said drivers were courteous in letting her cross.