Children's play equipment egged in Sprowston park

People in Sprowston were appalled to see runny egg being smeared over children's play equipment

People in Sprowston were appalled to see runny egg being smeared over children's play equipment - Credit: Lynne Lovell/Santos Photography

Parents have been left disgusted by "little thugs" leaving raw egg smeared across play equipment in a community children's park. 

Families were disappointed to find the slide tunnel at the Wilks Farm Drive play area in Sprowston was splattered with runny yolk on Wednesday morning. 

It comes after yobs targeted the same park, located just off North Walsham Road, in September by covering the equipment in sealant glue.

Lauren Rayner, 37, who lives opposite the park, said: "This does not surprise me, especially now it is dark for so long. 

"Those responsible clearly have nothing else to do and think they can act like little thugs. 

"Some kids who use the park may be allergic to eggs and it could easily make someone ill if a young child got it on their hands then put their fingers in their mouth." 

The Wilkes Farm Drive Play Area where some of the equipment has been spoiled by sealant. Picture: DE

The Wilks Farm Drive Play Area in Sprowston - Credit: DENISE BRADLEY/Archant2021

The mother-of-one recalled seeing police patrols following the vandalism at the park in September. 

She has previously collected discarded bottles and litter when going for a run past the park, but said she "could not be bothered to clean up after those who are not looking after it" following the egg attack.

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A father who had taken his son to the park on Wednesday morning cleaned up what he could of the mess.

The slide in the Wilks Farm Drive play area covered in egg

The slide in the Wilks Farm Drive play area covered in egg - Credit: Lynne Lovell

Sprowston Town Council confirmed someone was being sent out to fully clean the equipment on Thursday morning.

Town councillor Bill Couzens, who lives near the park, said: "I do not know why people do it. The council provide all these facilities for people and the majority are pleased to have them.

"But there are the odd one or two who abuse them and spoil it for everyone else.

Bill Couzens, deputy chair of Sprowston Town Council. Picture: Bill Couzens

Bill Couzens, deputy chair of Sprowston Town Council. Picture: Bill Couzens - Credit: Bill Couzens

"The local police team are pretty good if people report things to them and it does go into their memory bank if they are getting reports for a particular area." 

Fellow town councillor Robin Knowles added: "If we hear of anything we will let the town clerk know and he handles it for us." 

Councillor Robin Knowles wo waited for more than two hours for the ambulance.

Sprowston town councillor Robin Knowles - Credit: Archant © 2006

The Wilks Farm Drive park was refurbished within the last few years with new equipment including a mini assault course, swings and a climbing frame. 

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