A picturesque spot on the outskirts of the city has been trashed by mindless vandals.

The usually tranquil space in Marriott's Way, located just off of Pendlesham Rise by the Tesco Express, has been subject to the loutish behaviour.

It comes after fencing along the nearby Marriott's Way footpath on the edge of Taverham was damaged.

%image(14475864, type="article-full", alt="Gerald Harvey said: ""Benches have been burnt and there's been dog waste smeared across them as well."")

Stephen Clare, who regularly takes his 12-year-old daughter for bike rides around the area, says the issue is getting worse.

The 50-year-old from Radcliffe Road said: "It can sometimes be nice and quiet.

"But it's definitely getting worse from what I've seen.

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"There's been lots of rubbish and broken glass scattered around.

"I also noticed that a community bench had been vandalised.

"The seats have been ripped out and thrown somewhere.

"That was the last straw seeing that - I just thought how silly it all was.

%image(14475866, type="article-full", alt="Stephen Clare said seeing the vandalised bench "was the last straw."")

"It just makes me angry and upset because you're always having to worry about what will happen next."

Another neighbour in the area, 58-year-old retiree Gerald Harvey, said: "It's a nice little scenic place.

"I'll walk my dog and occasionally sit to relax.

"You can watch different wildlife hopping around by the pond.

%image(14475867, type="article-full", alt="Chairman of Drayton Parish Council Graham Everett.")

"But people will throw items like bicycles, signs, and I've even seen a lawn mower in there.

"Benches have been burnt and there's been dog waste smeared across them as well.

"It's so disappointing because people put a lot of time and effort into making the area nice."

%image(14475868, type="article-full", alt="The tranquil pond is along Marriott's Way off of Pendlesham Rise.")

Graham Everett, chairman of Drayton Parish Council, said: "People go out to enjoy themselves but do not draw the line between having a good time and doing things they should not.

"It's difficult to manage but having evidence is the main thing for police."

With the vandalism soaring in the area those affected are thinking of what can be done to reduce the number of incidents.

%image(14475869, type="article-full", alt="The seats of the community bench in Marriott's Way have been ripped out.")

Mr Clare said: "I thought the community could club some money together and get some cameras there.

"But I'm unsure of the logistics of it all.

"Something needs to be done soon that could act a deterrent to try and lessen the vandalism here."