'Like an ice rink': Dad's outrage after daughter's nasty fall at play park

City councillor Jamie Osborn, pictured inset, has called for the play park at Chapelfield Gardens to be kept fit for use

City councillor Jamie Osborn, pictured inset, has called for the play park at Chapelfield Gardens to be kept fit for use after recent accidents - Credit: Archant

A concerned father has called for urgent action on a children's play park after his daughter was left badly bruised.

Craig Ling, 38, of Grapes Hill, visited the play area at Chapelfield Gardens on Tuesday around 4.30pm with his nine-year-old daughter Amelia. 

During the visit, Amelia slipped on the decking next to the perimeter fencing which left her bruised and with a painful wrist.

She also knocked her head on the floor.

Mr Ling has called for safety measures such as anti-slip paint to help prevent similar occurrences after he had considered taking his daughter to A&E.

The city council has said regular safety inspections take place and the surface is ridged to prevent accidents. 

"I believe it should be addressed as it is a danger to children," Mr Ling said. 

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"My daughter has had a major fall and she is very, very sore. She also banged her head quite badly.

"I did ring 111 and they said to keep an eye on her in case she vomited - which thankfully she did not."

Chapelfield Gardens. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Chapelfield Gardens. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Mr Ling said Amelia was wearing trainers with good grip, and he noticed how slippery the decking was when he tested it himself.

"I put my foot across and it was unbelievable. It was like an ice rink," the father added.

He said the 37-year-old mother who broke her leg after slipping off the zipwire in Sparhawk Park, Sprowston, had occurred to him after his daughter's fall.

Norwich city councillor Jamie Osborn, who represents the Mancroft ward, said: "The decking at Chapelfield play park is very slippery with other people having fallen over on it.

Jamie Osborn, Green city and county councillor.

Jamie Osborn, Green city and county councillor. - Credit: Jamie Osborn

"It's important play areas are kept fit for use and measures to make Chapelfield safer are needed, as well as looking at improvements for other play areas." 

Norwich City Council sent a member of its parks and open spaces team to the play park after being contacted by the Evening News. 

A spokeswoman for the council said no hazards were found during the visit.

She added: "The surface itself is ridged to help prevent accidents and the council carries out regular grounds maintenance and safety inspections in all its play areas.”

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