Block Norwich entertainment venue set to be scrapped

Block Norwich

An overhead view of the proposed Block Norwich venue. - Credit: Ellis Williams Architects

A planned state-of-the-art city venue with auditorium, stage and food court looks set to be scrapped. 

Teampartner Three was granted planning approval in December 2021 for the Block Norwich venue on land off Mountergate. 

The vision was to create an entertainment site made from shipping containers with a 300-seater auditorium, stage and food court.

But director Paul Gregg said the scheme has now reached a sticking point which could mean developers give up on the venue.

Block Norwich

Block Norwich, as seen from Rose Lane. - Credit: Ellis Williams Architects

He said: "The council has been quite difficult and we have not really got an answer from them. 

"We got planning permission and then asked the council to do some remedial work to the site which they have not agreed to. This was very upsetting. We have been asking them since last year."

The work in question included restoring toilets and clearing certain areas of the road at the council-owned site. 

The city council has said it has not introduced any obstacles to the scheme and was supportive of the plans.

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Mr Gregg has spent £50,000 so far on the scheme which included the planning application stage. 

He said: "Without the support of the council we can't do these jobs. We would just pass on it.

"We have progressed on several other sites across the country but we thought Norwich would have been good." 

The Block, Norwich

An image showing how the entrance to Block Norwich could look. - Credit: Ellis Williams Architects

It comes as 'Stop The Block' campaigners had previously called for the venue to be scrapped before it received planning permission due to fears over late night noise near homes during the week.

Mr Gregg previously said the scheme would continue after former managing director of Teampartner Three, James Bradbury, resigned.

James Bradbury

James Bradbury - Credit: James Bradbury

A spokeswoman for the city council said: "The council, as landowner, has been supportive of these plans and had agreed terms for a lease of the site. The developer has also been granted planning consent for the scheme.  

"While we have turned down a request for financial assistance, the decision to proceed with the development rests entirely with the developer.

"Norwich City Council has not introduced any obstacles which would prevent the development from proceeding.”