Positive response to celebrity chef restaurant approval in community

Plans for a Marco Pierre White restaurant at Norwich Hotel have been approved 

Plans for a Marco Pierre White restaurant at Norwich Hotel have been approved - Credit: Adam Fradgley/Ben Hardy

Neighbours have welcomed the news a celebrity chef rooftop restaurant will be coming to their area soon. 

British chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White, who is well known for appearing in Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef Australia, is the name behind the new eatery at the Norwich Hotel in Thorpe Road. 

Norwich City Council approved plans for the hotel to be remodelled and extended to include the new restaurant at the beginning of December.

And those living nearby believe the move will have a positive impact on the area. 

Norwich Hotel in Thorpe Road

Norwich Hotel in Thorpe Road - Credit: Ben Hardy

Rosalind Derazza, 28, who lives opposite the hotel, said: "I feel like it's a good thing with the restaurant only being a five, 10 minute walk from the city centre.

"This in-between area feels forgotten with Thorpe St Andrew being really lovely. The hotel currently looks a bit dilapidated and there is hardly anything around here so it has to be a positive step."  

The hotel extension will increase staff numbers by at least 40, as well as bringing a high profile television name to the restaurant. 

Luke Howard, 26, who lives next door to the hotel, said: "Bringing more people to the area is a good thing for general tourism. 

"It's not exactly quiet in terms of ambience anyway as there are always cars going past and you can hear the football from here. 

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"It won't cause any extra noise pollution. As long as it is not busy enough to have the whole country for dinner then it should not be a problem." 

Marco Pierre White could open a new restaurant on top of a Norwich hotel

Marco Pierre White - Credit: Adam Fradgley: Exposure Photography

A 39-year-old woman living opposite the hotel, who did not wish to be named, said the building could do with renovation as it has become "run down", in her opinion.

She added: "I do not think it will be much of a difference as it is pretty noisy until midnight being so close to the city centre.

"I like living here as it is not as busy as other parts of the city even though it is close to the train station."

The main façade of the hotel will be altered with new windows in addition to an extension at the rear of the building.