Pubs and restaurants bearing the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II say they will "continue to honour her in their names".

Venues all over the city came to a standstill when news of the Queen's death was announced.

And for venues bearing Her Majesty's title the news "brought new meaning to the name".

Lorraine Miller, manager of Queen's Head pub in Hethersett, said: "It felt very strange.

"You think she'd just go on forever.

Norwich Evening News: The Queens Head in BecclesThe Queens Head in Beccles (Image: Google Maps)

"We've always been the Queen's Head and we will still honour her in our name.

"We're closing the pub on Monday for the funeral for staff to pay their respects.

"But we're opening from 3pm to give people the option to gather together, have a drink, and pay their respects."

Ian and Cheryl Gallant are the owners of Queen of Hearts pub in Fakenham Road in Lenwade.

Mr Gallant said: "Obviously it is very sad.

"She's the only lady I've ever known to be in charge.

Norwich Evening News: Lorraine Miller, manager of the Queen's Head, in HethersettLorraine Miller, manager of the Queen's Head, in Hethersett (Image: Archant)

"The pub was quite busy with people coming out for a drink.

"All the talk and conversation in the pub recently has been about her.

"We'll never get another one like her.

"She's done so much for the country - it'll be a hard act to follow.

"The pub will be closed during the funeral out of respect for Her Majesty.

"Cheryl and I will be watching it on telly like the rest of the UK."

Norwich Evening News: Queen's Head in HethersettQueen's Head in Hethersett (Image: Archant)

There are 174 pubs in the country named the Queen's Head and many more named after Her Majesty.

Lily Coote, assistant manager of The Queens Head in Beccles, said: "It felt very special to be named after the Queen especially at a time like this.

"We definitely had a lot more people come in over the weekend she passed.

Norwich Evening News: Queen of Hearts pub in Fakenham RoadQueen of Hearts pub in Fakenham Road (Image: Submitted)

"Everyone was gathered around the telly and was really upset.

"I think people wanted to get out.

"It's a very patriotic area here - everyone supported and loved the Queen.

"We'll be closed for the funeral as a mark of respect but open a little later to host some drinks if people wish to come out."