City folk are being urged to not suffer in silence if crime and anti-social behaviour problems are leaving them afraid in their own homes.

The scourge of yobbish behaviour and criminality is a problem in many city estates, with Mile Cross one of the areas authorities prioritise.

A 31-year-old woman living in Markham Tower, in Bowers Avenue, has told the Evening News about a recent scare as she was abused by a man who threatened to stab her.

City councillor for Mile Cross, Vaughan Thomas, said: "My heart goes out to people experiencing anti-social behaviour where they live instead of feeling safe.

Norwich Evening News: City councillor for Mile Cross Ward, Vaughan ThomasCity councillor for Mile Cross Ward, Vaughan Thomas (Image: Newsquest)

"The most important thing to do should someone be subject to anti-social behaviour is to report it, don’t let it go."

Last month there were 357 crimes reported in Norwich North, 29 within the Mile Cross area ranging from anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, arson and sexual offences.

Olivia Taylor has lived in Markham Tower for three years and says she has experienced anti-social behaviour ever since moving in.

Norwich Evening News: Markham Tower, in Bowers AvenueMarkham Tower, in Bowers Avenue (Image: Archant)

Ms Taylor, who did not want to be pictured for fear of retaliation, said: "Ever since I moved in there's been non-stop issues.

"There's been name-calling as well as loud drum and bass music being played until 2am or 3am but the worst incident happened recently.

"I was verbally abused just before I got home, then they began banging on my door threatening to stab me and giving me all sorts of abuse.

"I'm afraid to leave the flat now and it's affecting my mental health - I don't feel safe at all.

"It's a nightmare and no one seems to be able to do anything about it."

Norwich Evening News: Olivia Taylor said she was threatened outsider her home on March 13Olivia Taylor said she was threatened outsider her home on March 13 (Image: Archant)

A police spokeswoman confirmed verbal threats outside Ms Taylor's home at 9.08pm on Wednesday, March 13 are being investigated.

She added that those involved are known to each other and that "enquiries are ongoing".

Ms Taylor has been pleading with the city council to install CCTV around the building or a video doorbell outside her home but has been told this isn't allowed.

A Norwich City Council spokesman said: "The council takes the safety of its tenants very seriously and is working closely with Miss Taylor to understand the issues she's reporting.

Norwich Evening News: Police said enquiries are ongoing regarding the incidentPolice said enquiries are ongoing regarding the incident (Image: Newsquest)

"However the city council cannot recommend the use of a Ring Doorbell in this case as it would record images of a communal area which would be subject to data protection laws and may result in the prosecution of Miss Taylor for contravening them."

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Jo Fawkner moved into Markham Tower four years ago and has had her fair share of issues.

She said: "I've seen drugs being thrown from the higher flats to people below.

"There's also younger people causing trouble shouting abuse and obscenities. 

"I've been kept awake into the early hours by them running up and down the stairwell whacking a pole against the spindles or constantly pressing the door buzzer."

Norwich Evening News: Police confirmed it's investigating the verbal abuse she sufferedPolice confirmed it's investigating the verbal abuse she suffered (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Thomas, a Labour councillor, added: "No matter who it is, whether you’re renting or own your home, report it to the police so that they get to see where the hotspots are and can then hopefully crack down on it.

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"It’s a hugely problematic issue and what’s going on needs to be addressed and not left.

"Because if it goes unreported and unchecked then these people will just carry on."

Norfolk Police declined to comment. Crimes can be reported via 101 or the constabulary's website but 999 should always be used in an emergency.

PM's pledge on anti-social behaviour

Prime minister Rishi Sunak last month handed police across England and Wales an extra £66m to tackle anti-social behaviour issues.

The money will be used to tackle vandalism, violence and drug-related issues across the UK.

Norwich Evening News: Prime minister Rishi Sunak has given police in England and Wales £66 million to combat anti-social behaviourPrime minister Rishi Sunak has given police in England and Wales £66 million to combat anti-social behaviour (Image: Archant)

The PM, facing a predicted Labour landslide at this year's general election, said: "Anti-social behaviour destroys communities and takes away the public's right to feel safe in the place they call home.

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"Our plan to cut crime on our streets is working, with neighbourhood crime including robbery and theft almost halved - and we must stick with it.

"We will not stop until every person, no matter where they live, can feel safe and proud of their community."

A Home Office spokesman said the money will fund around 600,000 to 900,000 hours of patrols by police during the next 12 months, starting from next month.