Sue Lambert Trust has had a large amount of success following its sponsored silence event.

The sponsored silence has raised more than £2,000 to fund counselling for survivors of sexual abuse.

The Norfolk-based charity launched its first sponsored silence challenge in February, encouraging supporters to remain silent for a full day to fundraise for counselling services and to raise awareness for the detrimental effects of sexual violence.

According to the trust, the £2,145 raised from the #GoSilentforSLT Challenge will provide 40 hours of counselling support free of charge.

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Sue Lambert Trust’s CEO, Clive Evans, said: : “This was a new fundraiser for us, and we can’t thank our supporters enough for going silent for 24-hours, which we know is no easy feat.

“At Sue Lambert Trust, our professional counsellors and support team listen to survivors when they feel ready to talk and to heal.

"Talking and listening is so intrinsic to what we do here and is a vital part of our clients’ healing process.

"By falling silent for 24-hours, our supporters have not only raised a brilliant amount of money for our charity, but they have highlighted how survivors of sexual violence are often silenced.

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"Feelings of shame, guilt, or fear of not being believed prevent people from speaking out, and for some of our clients, they have lived with their trauma for decades before they feel ready to ask for the support they deserve.

“The important message we wanted to share is that it is never too late to speak out and to get professional, specialist support to heal. There is no time limit; even if many years have passed, when you feel ready to talk, help is available.”

The 'Go Silent for Sue Lambert Trust' event took place during the Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week, which takes place from February 5-11.