Owen Evans, 'The Nimmo Twins' comedian, returns to dramatic acting in fEAST Theatre's 'The Hollyhock Trilogy'.

Well known for his comedy sketch show in Norwich, Owen is revealing his classically trained acting side that he developed at a top London drama school.

Despite the love he shares for making audiences laugh in the comedic world, Owen welcomes the serious and complex roles of drama.

He said: "I love playing those Nimmo sketch-show characters.

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"There’s nothing quite like the buzz you get from hearing a full house roaring with laughter.

"But sometimes it’s great to get your teeth into a really meaty role and over the years I’ve been lucky to work on some great touring productions with fEAST Theatre."

‘The Hollyhock Trilogy’ consists of three 'strange but poignant love stories'.

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In one of these, Owen plays an aging trapeze artist who still dreams of the beautiful woman who dropped him many years before.

"In rehearsal I’ve had to learn a lot about trapeze although fortunately I’m not actually required to fly in the show," said Owen.

Rob John, the writer and director of the production, said: "Working with Owen is a joy.

"He’s a really versatile actor with great emotional intelligence.

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"We all know that he can make audiences laugh but in this show I think there might be a few tears."

This new production is set to open at Wells Maltings on February 29 and will tour in Norfolk until March 17.

For more details, visit feasttheatre.com.