Ryanair has changed the flight times for two of its new routes from Norwich Airport.

It was announced at the end of last year that the budget airline would be running new flights to Malta, Alicante and Faro.

The flights are set to start on April 1 and will be running both ways on Mondays and Fridays.

Norwich Evening News: Faro flight times have changed Faro flight times have changed (Image: Ryanair)

But the timings for the Malta and Faro journeys have now been changed.

On Mondays, flights to Malta will now get in at 9.25pm instead of 12.35am - two hours and 50 minutes earlier than before. 

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And planes to Faro will arrive at 9.05pm instead of 9.40pm.

On Fridays, flights to Malta will leave Norwich at 9.40am and arrive at 2pm - nearly 12 hours earlier than before. 

Norwich Evening News: Malta flight times have also been adjustedMalta flight times have also been adjusted (Image: Ryanair)

Travellers can also expect to arrive back in Norwich earlier than it was previously planned.

On Mondays, incoming flights from Faro will arrive at 5.15pm instead of 6.15pm and incoming flights from Malta will arrive at 4.30pm instead of 7.50pm.

On Fridays, incoming flights from Faro will land in Norwich two hours and 25 minutes earlier and journeys from Malta will land nine hours and 55 minutes earlier. 

A spokesman for Ryanair said the adjustments were made to "align with slot availability across its network". 

Norwich Airport currently operates flights to 18 destinations in nine countries, with connections to 150 more locations via Amsterdam. 

Journeys to Malta and the Spanish port city Alicante have been previously available with KLM and the now-defunct Flybe, but services were cancelled shortly before the Covid pandemic.