It has been revealed that budget airline Ryanair will be flying to three new destinations from Norwich Airport next spring.

Here is everything you need to know about the new routes. 

Where are Ryanair flying to from Norwich Airport?

Flights to and from Malta, Alicante and Faro will begin on April 1. 

Passengers have previously been able to fly to Malta and Spanish port city Alicante from Norwich Airport with KLM and the now-dissolved Flybe.

However, these services were cancelled shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faro in Portugal is an entirely new destination. 

When can I buy tickets for Ryanair flights from Norwich Airport?

Tickets are now available to purchase on the Ryanair website. 

How much will tickets cost for Ryanair flights from Norwich Airport? 

Ryanair is a budget airline and return tickets are currently available to Alicante from £29.99.

However, most one-way journeys to all three destinations generally cost between £30 and £100. 

Tickets can be booked as far in advance as October 2024. 

How frequent will Ryanair flights be from Norwich Airport?

There will be one departure and one arrival from Malta, Alicante and Faro on Mondays and Fridays starting from April 1.