Video footage showing 'idiot' football fans throwing beer cans and flares at Delia Smith's car has been released.

The incident happened as the Norwich City owner arrived at yesterday's East Anglian derby at Portman Road with husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

The celebrity chef and her husband, both aged 82, had multiple items thrown at their grey MBW as they followed the home team bus into the stadium.

Norwich Evening News: The escort had to protect himself from the items being thrown at the carThe escort had to protect himself from the items being thrown at the car (Image: Josh Fusion)

The moment can be seen at 4.43 in the YouTube video uploaded by football content creator Josh Cordeschi (Josh Fusion).

Ipswich fans were seen chanting 'scum' and pointing at the car while multiple items are being thrown at the car - making the escort hold up his arms to protect himself.

Since the incident, head coach David Wagner has said 'there are idiots are all over the world'.

He said: "It does not get in my head how they can behave like this when a woman over 80 years old in a car drives to football match.

"It makes no sense - hopefully they will find the people and hopefully they will get banned for life."

Some fans on social media have said it was unclear who was in the car due to the tinted black windows.

Norwich Evening News: A 'shaken' Delia Smith with her husband Michael Wynn-JonesA 'shaken' Delia Smith with her husband Michael Wynn-Jones (Image: PA)

However, former sports journalist Mick Dennis, who is friends with Delia, has pointed out that the police may not have done enough to protect Norwich City fans.

He said: "The bigger questions are why did the police allow groups of ITFC fans to wait either side of Princes St/Grafton Way junction with pyrotechnics to abuse and threaten all NCFC fans walking to the ground?

"Why no action when bottles thrown at NCFC players from Sir Alf Ramsey stand during the game?"

Norwich's unbeaten derby day streak has remained intact with the final score at 2-2, meaning the team has not lost the derby in nearly 15 years.

Kieran McKenna's men are set to travel to Carrow Road in April.