A city business is closing down and looking to relocate after dealing with flooding problems which put the owners in the red.

Independent gaming shop Regen Games has decided to move on from its Anglia Square roots and look to the future after recovering from multiple floods in the shop a year ago.

Norwich Evening News: Regen Games, located in Anglia Square, will be closing downRegen Games, located in Anglia Square, will be closing down (Image: Newsquest)

Now, after making up the money to settle his costs, owner Si Pittman said: "We've achieved an incredible milestone - being able to financially recover and pay off all debt, caused by last year's destructive events.

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"But we're not totally out of the woods yet, so from December 9 we'll be starting to close down this aspect of the journey.

"This means we'll be focusing on emptying the shop and closing down our physical presence here at Anglia Square."

In December last year, the shop was hit by flooding and forced to close, after it became covered in water because of leaking pipes in the former Hollywood Cinema.

Mr Pittman added he was cutting prices in the form of a closing down sale to move elsewhere.

He added: "We need to raise a large sum of funds to relocate in the coming months and we like to think that we can achieve this by simply emptying the shop of its contents.

Norwich Evening News: The shop dealt with multiple floods in December last year and is now looking to relocateThe shop dealt with multiple floods in December last year and is now looking to relocate (Image: Newsquest)

"I would rather us be known as that business who offered sales prior to Christmas, instead of afterwards.

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"Despite the dire circumstances we have a reputation to uphold and a community to give back to.

Norwich Evening News: Si Pittman, owner for Regen Games, is holding a closing down saleSi Pittman, owner for Regen Games, is holding a closing down sale (Image: Regen Games)

"Thank you all for your continuous support, it’s been an epic journey. Here’s to the next chapter."

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The shop will be reducing a majority of its gaming products by anywhere between 10 to 50pc, as well as selling off its cabinets and shelving units.

Anglia Square rebuild

Regen Games becomes the latest business to leave the Anglia Square area ahead of demolition work starting for a major revamp.

Planning permission was finally granted in April for 1,100 homes to be built across 12 blocks, ranging in height from two to eight storeys. 

Developers Weston Homes will also construct 86,111sqft of business space, a community hub and 450 car parking spaces on the land. 

The shopping area's disused multi-storey car park, which has been empty since 2012, has been earmarked as the first building to fall, in early 2024.

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The next venue to be demolished will be the former cinema.

Boots recently declined to comment on whether it would be moving amid customers from the Anglia Square store telling this newspaper that staff had confirmed the closure.

The work has already seen some shops closing, or moving to new premises, with 22 charities and social enterprises forming Norwich Unity Hub to search for a new home.