Plans to demolish Norwich's Anglia Square shopping precinct have prompted 22 city groups to launch a hunt for a new home.

Organisations including Norwich Men's Shed and Outpost, a city art studio complex, have clubbed together to search for a 20,000sqft hub to house them all as they anticipate being sent a notice to quit their current premises.

It comes after a number of businesses in the 1970s development said they had heard little communication from developers following the city council's approval of plans to build 1,100 homes in its place.

The group of charities and social enterprises have united under the name of Norwich Unity Hub and will work together to identify a suitable home where they can "survive, thrive and collaborate".

Norwich Evening News: Anglia Square which is to be demolished in order to make way for 1,100 homesAnglia Square which is to be demolished in order to make way for 1,100 homes (Image: Newsquest)

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Ian Blunnie from Norwich Men’s Shed said the idea emerged after the groups began to realise it would be tough to find new homes of their own.

He said: “We realise it may be difficult to find that amount of space on one site, so split sites would be considered.

"We hope to find such a building or buildings either for an initial period of token rent, during which time we would fundraise collectively to support restoration and refit or alternatively by agreeing a meanwhile let."

Kirstin Leigh, a trustee of Outpost, echoed Mr Blunnie's comments.

She said: "The new premises will be designed to accommodate diverse needs, ensuring that people from all walks of life can actively participate in community activities, events and programmes."

Norwich Evening News: Steve Wiseman of Norwich Eco HubSteve Wiseman of Norwich Eco Hub (Image: Newsquest)

Steve Wiseman, director of Norwich Eco Hub, which is assisting with work to find the groups' new home said there were numerous empty premises in the city which could be used.

He said: "We’re well aware that a number of large spaces in the city centre have remained unoccupied over many years.

"The groups have compiled a list and hope to be able to view some in the coming weeks."