A housing development of almost 100 homes and a park the size of nine football pitches has been refused. 

The project would have effectively joined the villages of Salhouse and Rackheath - with 95 homes, including 32 affordable properties, and a new public park proposed for land off Norwich Road in Salhouse.

The plans were submitted by Grand Vision Development back in 2017 - but it is understood a decision from Broadland District Council (BDC) was delayed while developers attempted to overcome issues raised by local homeowners and authorities. 

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The scheme amassed a total of 57 public objections and received pushback from both Rackheath and Salhouse parish councils.

Norwich Evening News: The development would have effectively joined Rackheath and SalhouseThe development would have effectively joined Rackheath and Salhouse (Image: Google Maps)

Key concerns included a rise in the number of pedestrians crossing the nearby railway line, increased pressure on infrastructure and services, its detrimental impact on the "rural character of Salhouse" and the potential overlooking of neighbouring properties. 

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Salhouse Parish Council also questioned its close proximity to Rackheath, arguing: "The development is closer to the centre of Rackheath than Salhouse and it therefore does not support the community it lies nearest to."

BDC's planning officers said they refused the project based on its scale and location, its impact on the nearby level crossing and the presence of a flooding risk. 

If approved, the development would have linked to the controversial GT16 proposals for Green Lane West in Rackheath.

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The Taylor Wimpey scheme, which is yet to receive planning permission, would include 3,850 homes, land for two primary schools, one secondary school, orchards, allotments, employment land and sports facilities. 

Norwich Evening News: The land between Salhouse and Rackheath that was proposed for housingThe land between Salhouse and Rackheath that was proposed for housing (Image: Google Maps)

It would represent one of the biggest developments Norfolk has seen in years.

Locals in both Salhouse and Rackheath have been consulted on GT16 - with Taylor Wimpey confirming it will be submitting an updated planning application at the end of this year.