A senior Norfolk Tory has triggered a party row by calling on Tory MPs to oust prime minister Rishi Sunak. 

David Campbell Bannerman, who is president of the Norwich Conservatives, has called for ministers to submit letters of no confidence following what he described as "disastrous" polling.

The latest YouGov data for The Times shows Labour have extended their popularity in the polls by four points - giving them a total lead of 23.

Speaking as chairman of the Conservative Democratic Organisation - a right-wing group co-founded by Mr Campbell Bannerman - he told this newspaper: "It is my personal view that the polls are so disastrous under Rishi Sunak that he should step aside.

"Conservative MPs need to put country and party first and send in letters of no confidence. We can’t go on this  way.

"Conservative voters are either not going to vote or will defect to Reform. That doesn’t help anyone. Urgent action is required.

"We are looking to Conservative MPs nationwide to step up and do what is necessary."

Mr Campbell Bannerman has been a vocal support of former prime minister Boris Johnson since his resignation in June. 

When asked his preferred candidate to succeed Sunak, he said: "We need a candidate who represents real Conservatism.

"Bringing back the Referendum loser David Cameron has worsened the polls further and has sent too many pro Brexit mainstream Conservatives into despair.

"We need new leadership, traditional policies and we can still win the next election and hold Norwich North.

"The CDO represents Conservative members and party democracy. We were deeply concerned at undemocratic removal of Boris and fact Sunak was not voted in by members nor MPs even.

"We would like to see Boris return as part of a new team where he doesn’t need to be an MP."