Passengers are often left wondering when their bus is going to turn up but some living near the UEA are also unsure where they should be waiting.

Campaigners are demanding that Norfolk County Council step up and fulfil their promises as a four-year battle over the ‘ghost’ bus stops continues to cause confusion.  

Three bus stops in the area, for the First 26 and 26A routes in Earlham Road and Colman Road, have no signage to indicate that they are official stops.  

Brenda Arthur, a former Labour leader of Norwich City Council, who lives in the area, is one of those calling for action. 

She said: “I find it appalling that after four years of trying to get positive action from the county council we bus users are still left with no proper bus signage.  

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“It really shouldn’t be that difficult a matter to resolve.” 

Ms Arthur first raised the issue with Conservative-controlled Norfolk County Council in 2019 and Labour county councillor for the University division, Matt Reilly, has written to cabinet member for transport Graham Plant.

Yet 10 months on, no action has been taken despite the council website stating that as a minimum bus stops will be marked with a flag and pole. 

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Two of the 'ghost' stops are the Hadley Drive stops in Earlham Road and another is in Colman Road.  
Mr Reilly said: "We should be encouraging more people to use public transport to get around Norwich but how would you even know these are bus stops?  

Norwich Evening News: There are three bus stops in the area that have no indication that they are in fact bus stops There are three bus stops in the area that have no indication that they are in fact bus stops (Image: Matt Reilly)

“Bus users need to know what bus serves the bus stop, what time it is arriving and its final destination.  

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“These are pretty basic things to expect." 

But it seems hope is on the horizon.

A county council spokesman said: “We are aware of the missing bus stops which is being dealt with by the relevant parties.  

“These bus stops are still in use and all up-to-date travel information for the stops can be found on the Travel Norfolk website where bus stops can be selected on a map to give live and timetabled departures.”