The challenges of tackling the climate crisis in different parts of the world will be addressed at an exhibition in Norwich this weekend.

The impact of coastal erosion and rising sea levels are all too familiar to people in Norfolk but sceptics continue to debate the causes despite overwhelming evidence of human causes.

It is an issue that has made headlines recently after local Green Party councillors called for the Conservative candidate for Norwich North at the next election to stand down due to his dislike of net-zero policies and belief that climate change is "natural".

This Saturday and Sunday the No Place Like Home? exhibition is being held at Cinema City by Norfolk Global Neighbours, maNGOma and Norwich Eco Hub.

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Co-organiser Sophie Willis, 30, from Old Catton, said: “Growing up locally in Swaffham, it was scary to see 12 homes in Ashill go up in flames last year [during a heatwave], after having friends who lived there.”

The exhibition will explore the impact the climate crisis is having in Norfolk, with local groups and organisations in the courtyard of Cinema City that work in the climate and refugee spaces.

Norwich Evening News: The No Place Like Home? exhibition was held at St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich in 2022The No Place Like Home? exhibition was held at St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich in 2022 (Image: Sophie Willis)

At 7.30pm on both nights film The Ants and the Grasshopper is being screened. The film tells the story of Anita Chitaya's climate change mission taking her from Malawi to the White House.

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Last year's exhibition was held at St Peter Mancroft Church. Sophie, who works as a field organiser for Aid Alliance, said:  “The church was a beautiful space to be in and it was great to bring lots of local groups together.

"We’re hoping we’ll have even more people attend this weekend’s event, and that people get engaged with the different things we have to offer.”

The event is one of 33 in the Possitopia Festival being held in Norwich this month, which is associated with Climate Museum UK.