The Green Party has called for the newly-announced Tory candidate for Norwich North to stand down over his beliefs on climate change.

Nick Rose, who was only selected by the Conservatives on Sunday evening, has suggested he does not believe that humans have caused climate change. 

Norwich Evening News: Nick Rose was selected by the Norwich Conservatives on Sunday eveningNick Rose was selected by the Norwich Conservatives on Sunday evening (Image: Norwich Conservatives)

"As the son of a geomorphologist, and the son of an English teacher, I could spell 'inter-glacial period' when I was four, so I know climate change is natural," he wrote on his website

"As an engineer, I do not agree with net-zero, particularly when it punishes our poorest."

Green city councillor Jamie Osborn - who is standing against Labour's Clive Lewis in Norwich South - slammed Mr Rose for those comments and called for the former Bournemouth councillor to "stand down immediately".

Norwich Evening News: Jamie Osborn has called for the candidate to stand downJamie Osborn has called for the candidate to stand down (Image: Jamie Osborn)

"The fact that the Conservatives have selected a parliamentary candidate who denies the existence of human-caused climate change, in a week when the country has been devastated by flooding, shows how out of touch with reality they are," he said.

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"The Tories seem to be increasingly represented in Parliament by a fringe of conspiracy theorists and cranks, and instead of focusing on how to tackle the major crises facing the country, they are just wishing them away.

"No serious politician can hold these views and Nick Rose should stand down immediately."

Norwich Evening News: Mr Rose's statement on his websiteMr Rose's statement on his website (Image: The website of Nick Rose)

In response to Mr Osborn, the Tory candidate said: "As Conservatives, we take great pride in our track record of environmental protection, which is essential for safeguarding the livelihoods and well-being of our citizens. However, it's crucial that these efforts do not burden hardworking individuals. 

“This is precisely why the prime minister has unveiled a new, sensible approach to achieving our net-zero goals without imposing undue financial strain on Norwich residents.

“I also enthusiastically welcome the substantial investment of £5.2bn allocated for flood and coastal defences nationwide between 2021 and 2027. This investment will result in the construction of approximately 2,000 new flood defences, greatly enhancing the protection of 336,000 properties against flooding and coastal erosion. 

“I wholeheartedly support this forward-looking initiative from the Conservative government, and welcome the chance to meet with the Broads Authority to learn more about their work in Norwich and surrounding areas."

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On his website, the candidate says he served in the Army Reserve for 20 years and was deployed to the front line of Afghanistan and helped evacuate British nationals from Kabul.

He has spent the last three decades as a Conservative campaigner, serving as a Bournemouth Unitary Authority councillor and holding many local Conservative Association posts.

Mr Rose, who said he has enjoyed many Christmas and summer visits to Norfolk, has also revealed plans to move to Unthank Road to live with his brother.

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Speaking on Mr Rose's selection, Alice Macdonald, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Norwich North, said: "Congratulations to the new Tory candidate.

"I look forward to a respectful election campaign and continuing to set out the clear alternative that Labour offers for a better future.

"I have heard from so many people that they feel let down by the Conservative government. NHS waiting lists are at a record high, three in 10 kids in our city are living in poverty and the cost of living crisis is hitting our communities hard.

Norwich Evening News: Labour's parliamentary candidate for Norwich North, Alice MacdonaldLabour's parliamentary candidate for Norwich North, Alice Macdonald (Image: Norwich Labour)

"After 13 years of Tory government, We need change.

"I love this place, I grew up in Norfolk, I live in Norwich North and I will give everything I have got to stand up for people here."

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The election battleground

Chloe Smith has been MP for Norwich North since 2009 but has announced she will not be standing at the next election, which is expected to be next year.

Ms Smith increased her majority for the Tories to 4,738 at the 2019 election, as the Labour vote dropped by 6.3pc for Karen Davis, but in 2017 there were just 507 votes in it when Chris Jones stood for Labour.

The Lib Dems picked up 5.8pc of votes in 2019 and the Greens 2.3pc.

In August, the Conservatives announced David Thomas, a former Jane Austen College headteacher, as their candidate for Norwich South. 

Clive Lewis has held the seat for Labour since 2015 and had a strong majority of 12,760 in 2019.