The time it takes to sell a property in Norwich from postcode to postcode has been revealed in a new study.

House-buying firm Property Solvers has ranked on average how many weeks it takes to sell a property by looking at data from more than 850 listings from across the region.

Its "speed of sale" tool tracks the moment a property is listed until it is marked as officially "sold" at the HM Land Registry.

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Using this data, the postcodes with the quickest or the slowest sale periods have been revealed.

Looking at a total of 41 properties, NR6 is the area with the shortest time to sell at an average of 115 days to sell, or just under four months.

NR3 comes in a close second with an average of 122 days to sell across 54 properties looked at. 

The slowest area in the Norwich area to sell a property is NR5, taking an average of 132 days to sell. 

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Ruban Selvanayagam of Property Solvers said: "The property market is certainly in a different place relative to a couple of years ago.

"The continued pressures on the mortgage sector and buyers' ability to secure the right kind of finance has resulted in delays with sales completing."

"Combined with the recognised 'snail pace' nature of the conveyancing process, it's likely that these trends are likely to remain for some time."