Roadworks making a junction with one of the city's busiest roads "dangerous" have seen the county council blasted for wasting time and money.

Works are being carried out at the Richmond Road junction with Dereham Road in Costessey. 

The scheme, which is the responsibility of Norfolk County Council's highways team, is focused on "improving high levels of walking and cycling" in the area by widening the pavements, narrowing the road and enforcing a left turn only rule.

Norwich Evening News: Locals have complained about the junction at Richmond Road being made too narrowLocals have complained about the junction at Richmond Road being made too narrow (Image: Denise Bradley)

But a homeowner living nearby believes drivers will have no choice but to swerve into the opposing lane to avoid the "excessively wide" pavements.

"The changes will surely increase the risk to those on foot," said Steve, who has asked for his surname to not be used.

"There are issues with how narrow the road is and the layout.

Norwich Evening News: Locals say the scheme is a waste of taxpayers' moneyLocals say the scheme is a waste of taxpayers' money (Image: Denise Bradley)

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"The path on the left hand side has been made excessively wide and is forcing dangers rather than alleviating them.

"Cars need space to turn and those turning into Richmond Road from Longwater will have to jutt out across incoming traffic.

"They have also removed any free space for movement that may be required for a vehicle to avoid a collision. 

"Quite frankly it's all been a waste of time and taxpayers' money."

Norwich Evening News: Officers have reportedly argued a wider junction encourages drivers to speed when turningOfficers have reportedly argued a wider junction encourages drivers to speed when turning (Image: Google Maps)

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Costessey district and town councillor Gary Blundell said he was split on the scheme, arguing he could understand locals' concerns but was also supportive of any initiatives to improve road safety.

"It's a difficult one," he said. "I have spoken with county council officers and they told me it has been done purposefully to slow vehicles down.

"They say a wide junction encourages drivers to speed when turning. 

"I can see why the council are doing it and I hope that, once it is complete, the road will be safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Norwich Evening News: Cllr Gary BlundellCllr Gary Blundell (Image: Newsquest)

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"But I can also understand why residents are unhappy about it."

A county council spokesman confirmed the scheme had undergone a full safety audit.

“The junction enters a 20mph zone with a raised table crossing and has been deliberately narrowed to slow vehicles entering Richmond Road in line with similar road safety schemes carried out across the county," they added.

"Once complete and open to traffic, exit from Richmond Road will be left turn only.”

The works are part of a wider revamp of the area's roads, which are due to be finished at the end of the year.