Neighbours have expressed their shock after a man was arrested for brandishing a knife in a city street. 

Police were called to Marlborough Road in the NR3 area of Norwich at 9.13am on Wednesday. 

One man was arrested and a police car could be seen near the Marlborough Arms pub for most of the morning

Norwich Evening News: Marlborough RoadMarlborough Road (Image: William Warnes)

"I saw blue lights flashing outside my house," said one neighbour, who has asked to remain anonymous.

"When I looked out the window I saw armed police everywhere.

"There were so many of them.

"They also set up a cordon which ended near the post office in Silver Road.

"No one was allowed down here. My Tesco delivery driver had to leave his van on the next street along."

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Despite the commotion, several other people living in the area said they did not hear anything at all. 

"I didn't know anything about," said a neighbour of the Marlborough Arms. 

Norwich Evening News: One neighbour said the police cordon reached the post office in Silver RoadOne neighbour said the police cordon reached the post office in Silver Road (Image: William Warnes)

"To hear that someone was walking around with a knife is terrible. 

"We don't tend to get a lot of trouble around here other than the odd fight outside the pub. 

"It's a quiet area really."

Police have not yet released any further details regarding the incident. 

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"We heard a lot of shouting as the police started to arrive," said another homeowner in Marlborough Road.

"The cordon ran from the pub to about halfway down the street.

"I stepped outside to see what was going on, but it was all quite confusing.

"The next thing I heard was that someone had been seen brandishing a knife."

The incident follows a separate case that saw police issue an arrest warrant for a man charged with having a serrated blade in Earlham Road on April 21.

Scott Moodie failed to appear before Norwich Magistrates Court in August to answer the charges.