Plans to store rubbish trucks and wheelie bins on farmland on the outskirts of Norwich have been given the go-ahead.

Waste disposal firm, Veolia, will store its vehicles and bins at The Old Quarry at 7 Buxton Road in Hainford where they will remain for 18 months while its Brookside Vehicle Depot site, also in Buxton Road, is redeveloped.

Veolia says the temporary use of the site will allow it to continue to fulfil its contracts in the local area, with 40 lorries, 30 cars and vans, and a number of plastic wheelie bins.

Approving its planning application at the end of last week, Broadland District Council laid out a number of conditions Veolia must keep to, such as ensuring any temporary buildings it erects are removed before it leaves the premises.

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Veolia plans to build temporary offices, welfare facilities and toilets on the site.

The company must also follow the parking plan it laid out in its application accurately and limit its use of the site to activities associated with the Brookside, Buxton Road and Frettenham depots only.

Lorries must leave the site between 5.30am and 7.30am each morning and return between 12pm and 4.30pm.

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In response to the consultation Norfolk County Council's highways department said it did have "reservations" about the site due to vehicle movements but said it had no objection to the plans.

Veolia has been told it must not install any external light on the site.

The company said it believed any impact on traffic would be minimal due to the lorries already regularly using the road from the current depot.

Veolia will begin its operations on the site as soon as work begins on the Brookside depot.