Norwich has moved a step closer to catching up with the rest of the country's 5G capabilities after a controversial 65ft mast was approved by the city council.

Telecom company CK Hutchinson has been given the green light to build the pole and accompanying equipment on a grass verge in Ipswich Road, opposite Harford Park.

It comes as Norwich's 5G rollout is accelerated due to the fact it is severely lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of coverage.

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The approval will be a blow to locals who described the mast as "ugly and disproportionate". 

In a letter penned to Norwich City Council, one neighbour claimed: "It will totally spoil the area.

"It is beside a lovely park and is twice the height of the surrounding trees.

"It would also be a blight for local residences and would affect house prices. 

"The mast is ugly and disproportionate, and is entirely unsuitable."

The application is the latest attempt to improve 5G across the fine city - with plans for masts in areas such as Boundary Road and St Augustine's Church proving contentious with locals.

Last month, an application to construct a 50ft mast in Allerton Road, Sprowston, was refused by Broadland District Council due to it being out of character with the surrounding area. 

Concerns over the impact of 5G masts on health have been refuted by multiple authorities, including the World Health Organisation.

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"At 20m high, this is double the height of the surrounding trees and will dwarf the surrounding area," another local wrote to the city council. 

"This is of particular concern as it is beside Harford Park, despoiling the greenspace.

"This is also a busy access road into the city and would cause potential traffic dangers."